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Advex Instruments introduced a new version of See System E for Windows 7 & 8, 32- and 64-bit platforms. 2Mpix UVC camera, high-quality glass objective lens with far focus or table for samples up to 10 x 10 make new model perfect for both laboratory and industry use.



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Which model do you use for calculation of surface free energy?
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See System E is a portable computer-based instrument for contact angle measurement and surface energy determination. With a special purpose software following ISO 27448:2009 test method , it can be also easily used for determination of the self-cleaning performance of photocatalytic materials such as that containing titanium dioxide.


See System E

Main features

  • Portable instrument of small size connected through USB 2.0 port.
  • Rugged aluminium body.
  • Colour 2Mpix (1600 x 1200) UVC camera with high-resolution glass objective lens.
  • Table for samples up to 10 x 10 cm, movable horizontally in  2D.
  • No special light source is needed, only a daylight, no problem with drop evaporation.
  • Periodical image capturing for time-dependent studies (e.g. of wettable samples).
  • TÜV declaration of conformity: English, Czech.

Supported surface-energy models 

  • The software enables the calculation of the surface energy on the basis of the most often used models: Owens-Wendt-Rable-Kaeble, Lifshitz-van der Waals/acid-base, Li-Neumann, Kwok-Neumann, Wu Equation of State,  Zisman.
  • Regression variants of Owens-Wendt & acid-base models are also supported.


The prices include the instrument and software for contact angle and surface energy measurement. Software for self-cleaning performance is sold separately.

See System E for Windows 7, 8, 10 (32, 64bit)  2375 €  
Software for self-cleaning measurement (according to ISO 27448:2009) 500 €
Recommended accesories    
Micropipette (range 0.5 - 10 µl) 150 €  
Micropipette tips (1000 pc) 20 €  
Carying aluminium case 65 €  
 Hardware key for extra software licence 170 €  
We provide price reductions for educational institutions, universities etc.



Contact angle diagnostics can be used for various purposes. Two different software packages are available:

  • See System for Surface Energy Measurement - for contact angle measurement and caculation of surface free energy of solids on the basis of commonly used models as Owens-Wendt-Rable-Kaeble, Acid-Base, Zisman, Wu, Neumann, ...
  • See System for Self-Cleaning Measurement - for calculation of self-cleaning performance on the basis of contact angle measurement according to ISO 27448:2009 test method.


See System for Surface Energy Measurement – the easiest way of surface energy calculation


See System for Self-Cleaning Measurement – ISO 27448:2009 test method of self-cleaning performance